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Mamadayupova Vasila Shonazarovna


Erta yoshda chet tilini o'rganishning ba'zi usullari

This scientific research deals with the problems of teaching foreign language at an early age. The beginning of the article is about conditions in preschool system in Uzbekistan and the importance of learning foreign language in the life of children, as the process of learning is much easier in this period of life, as baby brain have special skills for second language learning. The sequential item is dedicated to the history of kindergartens, their names in different countries of the world. The main part of the article gives the information about opinions of the world scientists and their experiments in the field of teaching foreign language at an early age. The article also dedicated to point out the importance of an interesting and effective method of teaching which is called game in the educational activities of pupils that can be used at any stage of language learning. It is important in education, training and development of children as a means of psychological preparation for future situations providing the opportunity to think logically because game situations demand the usage of various objects, and the players have to interact with each other. Playing roles and communicating children try to understand others and explain themselves. Games motivate language learners to study a foreign language and influences for the all sides of their development: the senses, the will and behavior.


Linguists have talked much regarding concepts of mastering a foreign language. They have emphasized the accelerated cognitive development of thinking as result of improving their foreign lexical resources. Different meanings of the word can help to improve generalization, development of verbal meaning conceptualization, cultural and historical tolerance. The following article investigates the advantageous features of learning foreign languages along with salient examples.

Huquqiy atamalarni tematik birlashtirish jarayoni haqida

This article is dedicated to the process of thematic consolidation of legal terms. It is evident that terms are commonly utilized in many realms including technology, science, art, literature and law. They have been studied for many years by plenty of scholars since they own primary and secondary meanings. The advancement of cutting-edge technologies has brought about many changes in terminology as well and various terms have appeared in every field. Indeed, law is a very broad area with its differently used words, phrases and word combinations. Nowadays, new terms have also been created in this sphere and they have to be learnt very thoroughly. Presently, lots of presidential decrees and rules have been enacted in a bid to develop law system; therefore, studying legal terms is a must for every linguist working in this field. As W. Shuy stated the main duty of linguists is to help untangle the language confusion (p. 12). Hence, we attempted to present some peculiarities of legal words and differences in their usage.