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Women's Council of TSUL supports female students

Dear female students!

If you have any questions related to the university or your personal life, you can contact the Women's Council of TSUL or its representatives at the faculties.

The Women's Council is always ready to support you, help you and find solutions to your problems together.

You can contact the Women's Council of TSUL and its representatives at the faculties on the following phone numbers:
1. Umida Khaidarova - +99891 191-80-91 (Chairwoman of TSUL Women's Council);
2. Dilnavoz Tadjibayeva - +99894 668-72-24 (Faculty of Master's Degree and Extramural Education);
3. Albina Tajibayeva - +99899 530-66-33 (Faculty of Criminal Justice);
4. Okila Karakhodjaeva - +99897 132-99-55 (Faculty of Public Law);
5. Liliya Achilova - +99890 925-77-11 (Faculty of Private Law);
6. Feruza Miruktamova - +99899 817-08-70 (Faculty of International and Comparative Legialation).