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Acceptance of documents to doctoral studies continues

The following documents are accepted for PhD:
- a master's degree diploma or clinical residency diploma (for medical sciences), or a diploma of higher education (for specialties);
- certain scientific publications;

For Doctor of Sciences (DSc) candidates are registered who have a diploma of Ph.D or other equivalent academic degrees obtained in foreign countries, who have achieved significant scientific achievements after receiving an academic degree in accordance with the established requirements.

The applicants have to submit following documents for Ph.Dand DSc via HEI or IT:
- CV;
- a copy of a master's degree or diploma of higher education (in the programs of the specialty);
- a copy of a work record book (an approved version);
- a list of scientific works and copies of them;
- a copy of the diploma of Ph.D. or other equivalent academic degrees received abroad - for registration to DSc;
- Recommendation letter from the place of work;

The selection of applicants for doctoral studies is carried out according to the results of the interview on the specialty and the corresponding conclusion of the admission committee of HEI.

For more information, please contact at the following address:
Tashkent, 35 Sayilgoh Street, Scientific Department of Tashkent State University of Law.
Tel: 233-66-36. Internal: (1042, 1043).


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