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Baxriddinova Muyassarxon Raximovna


Nemis va o‘zbek tillaridagi huquq atamalarining leksikografik jihatlari

This article is dedicated to the lexicographical aspects of legal terms in German and Uzbek languages. It is evident that terms are commonly utilized in many realms including technology, science, art, literature and law. They have been studied for many years by plenty of scholars since they own primary and secondary meanings. The advancement of cutting-edge technologies has brought about many changes in terminology as well and various terms have appeared in every field. Indeed, law is a very broad area with its differently used words, phrases and word combinations.

Oliy ta’lim muassasalarida nizolarning oldini olishning samarali usullari

Данной статье анализируются «Эффективные методы предотвращения конфликтов в Высших учебных заведениях» в ней освещены конфликтные ситуации, а также научно-теоретические основы и эффективные методы и формы предотвращения конфликтов в ВУЗАХ.

Yuridik atamalarni tematik birlashtirish jarayoni haqida

Статья посвящена лексикографическим аспектам юридических терминов в немецком и узбекском языках. Очевидно, что термины обычно используются во многих сферах, включая технологию, науку, искусство, литературу и право.


Vocabulary learning has been a key aspect of acquiring a second language for many years. Many scholars and linguists claimed that learning languages can not be successful without a wide range of vocabulary. However, most ESL learners are confronted with recalling difficulties, as they tend to forget the word fast that they learnt recently. These challenges are commonly discussed and researched by Cognitivists since they deem that there are several reasons of forgetting associated with memory and mental process. This case study entails the small-scale research on vocabulary retention, reasons of forgetting and some potential solutions to recall words in the second language. For this case study, we have chosen Cognitivism Theory in a bid to investigate and find out remembering challenges of our ESL learner and give her some possible solutions because according to cognitive psychology it is said that …