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The Department of Court, Law Enforcement and Advocacy of TSUL and school No. 269 of Sergeli signed the Roadmap

As you know, with the purpose to ensure fulfillment of tasks determined in the Order № 08-942 of April 7, 2022, of the Presidential Administration, 26 secondary schools in Sergeli are assigned for systematic organization of work on improving the quality of education at schools, professional development of teachers and methodical support, also each school is assigned to the departments of Tashkent State University of Law.

With the aim of systematic implementation of the above-mentioned tasks, the Department of Courts, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Advocacy of Tashkent State University of Law and school No. 269 of Sergeli have signed a Road Map.

The document identifies a number of activities to improve the capacity of school teachers, improve the quality of education and the implementation of modern teaching technologies, and the development of spiritual and educational work.

During the signing of the Roadmap, a meeting was conducted with school teachers to discuss cooperation and activities.


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