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The results of the interview with students of Academic Lyceum on admission to TSUL were announced

It is known that for the first time from the 2021/2022 academic year the graduates of Academic Lyceum under Tashkent State University of Law on the recommendation will be admitted to Tashkent State University of Law without entrance test, by holding an interview on an individual basis.

In this regard, on July 14-15 in an open and transparent form, individual interviews were conducted with students of Lyceum.

Today, the results of the interview were summarized with graduates of the academic lyceum, who were recommended for admission to Tashkent State University of Law.

Candidates dissatisfied with the results of the individual interview have the right to appeal in writing to the Appeals Commission within three working days from the date of announcement of the result of the interview.

The results of the interview:
Ta'lim tili: O'zbek
Ta'lim tili: Rus

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