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Brochures “You have the right” – we solve complicated issues in simple words

Ignorance of rights and responsibilities causes many problems in our daily life. Because of this, situations arise that take a lot of time and additional finance to solve.

To help in such cases and to raise the legal consciousness and culture of people, the Tashkent State University of Law has launched a project “Huquqingiz bor” (“You have the right”).

As part of the new project, popular scientific-legal brochures have been published on actual and interesting topics that we may encounter in daily life. Brochures are distributed among the population, especially citizens who live in remote regions.

Up to date, 20 brochures have been published. They were prepared by leading specialists, faculty members, as well as young scientists of TSUL. The brochures provide legal advice in the field of human rights and freedoms, as well as the topics of marriage, alimony, domestic violence, inheritance, work abroad, traffic, medical services, land ownership, taxes, convictions, etc.

According to the initiator of the project, the rector of TSUL Rahimjon Hakimov, the university staff gained from this work invaluable experience in preparing explanatory literature in a simple and understandable language. Experienced faculty members talked with people, listened to their problems, gave explanations, which were then formatted into brochures. For the presentation of the material, the most convenient form – “question-answer” was chosen.

The university team is currently working on the preparation and publication of the second series of brochures. In the next collection, it is planned to provide recommendations on solving issues related to consumer loans, employment and termination of an employment contract, as well as the work of freelancers, business taxes, youth farming and other interesting, useful topics.

Brochures are distributed free of charge. To make it easier for readers to access them, the publications are placed in the mobile application “Huquqiy Shahar” (“Legal City”). The application is available on the Play Market platform at the link:

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