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Strategic directions of the university development

The logic of the development of legal processes at the present stage involves the intensification of interdisciplinary research and the use of scientific results in the educational process, since the main product of the modern economy is qualitatively new knowledge and highly intellectual innovations.

Within the framework of the strategic development program of the Tashkent State University of Law (hereinafter referred to as – TSUL), 12 priority areas for the further development of legal education and legal science are identified as:

ensuring the training of highly qualified, creatively thinking and honest personnel based on modern requirements, advanced international legal experience and the needs of the labor market;

improvement of the credit-modular training system and methods of assessing students’ knowledge, widespread use of modern information and communication technologies in the educational process and modernization of the educational base;

ensuring a close connection between the educational process and law enforcement practice through the development of clinical legal education;

intensification of cooperation, joint legal research, exchange of faculty and students with leading educational and scientific institutions of developed foreign countries;

conducting scientific and innovative research in the field of state and law with the development of information legal technologies and systems (Legal Tech);

implementation of joint educational programs for training legal personnel (double degree) with foreign partners, active involvement of foreign scientists and specialists in the educational process;

creation of an open, transparent, free from subjectivity and abuse of the educational environment with the introduction of the “E-University”;

increasing the competitiveness of domestic legal education by implementing measures to include TSUL in the ratings of internationally recognized educational institutions;

ensuring the compliance of various branches of law, including new, little-studied, but demanded in practice spheres of legal education to the changing needs of society;

preparation of a series of textbooks and teaching aids of a new generation, taking into account the ongoing legal reforms, with the involvement of foreign scientists and specialists, as well as ensuring translation of foreign legal literature into Uzbek;

introduction of the “E-University” platform in the field of legal education;

expanding opportunities for obtaining higher legal education by expanding the scope and scale of the university's activities.

In addition, TSUL actively supports and comprehensively tries to implement the Priority directions for the development of science in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which are:

first, improvement of the management system in the field of science;

second, improving the system of financing science and scientific activities, as well as diversifying sources of funding;

third, training of highly qualified scientific personnel and their orientation towards scientific activity;

fourth, creation of a modern infrastructure for the development of science;

fifth, formation of a modern information environment conducive to the development of science.