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 Conditions for admitting foreign citizens to TSUL

The person who has the certificate of living in Uzbekistan or has investment visa or their family members are equally rightful to apply for a admission.
Foreign nationals chargeable for tuition fees in accordance with regulation for international students.
International students are not subjected to undertake national examinations. Instead, undergradute admission for international students subject to in-person interviews.
Admission cycle
The admission applications are due between March 15, to July 15.
Application procedure
Undergradute admission for international students is submitted online which includes:
direction, language and type of education;
previous degree of higher education if exists;
agreement of terms and conditions.
Supporting application materials
Undergradute admission applications must include:
Passport or other equivalents;
Official transcript, which is legalised, or apostilled by the authorised offices;
Candidate’s photo (3,5x4,5). Every attached document must be separate document (not less 200 pixels per inch) not exceeding 10 MB. The application would be proceeded when all document types are PDF (portable document format).
What is appropriate if the documents do not meet the requirements?
The applicant would be notified by email in 72 hours if the documents do not meet the requirements. This allows international students resubmitting their supporting documents once again within the due date. Once review of applications has started, we cannot accept further supplemental materials or updates to the application.
The university holds interviews between August 2–10.
Assessment of interview  
The interview would be assessed in a 100-point scale.
When international students can’t be qualified?
If candidate would not appear in interview or does not get at least 55% of maximum grade he/she can’t be qualified for undergraduate study.
When tuition fees should be paid?
The tuition fees must be paid prior to September 15, once tuition fees paid students would be enrolled to undergraduate degree programme. International students would be allowed to start studies from September 2.