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List of documents and deadline

For entering to Tashkent State University of law, applicants, regardless of their place of permanent (temporary) registration, will upload the following documents to the website of the state testing center:

1) personal identification number, passport series and number of an individual on the form 09 issued by the citizen's passport or internal affairs departments;

2) birth certificate for those who do not reach the passport age;

3) general secondary education (on the basis of the 11th grade) or document (with the application of which he graduated from a secondary specialized, vocational education institution);

4) document confirming the right of preference of applicants with privileges in accordance with the procedure established by the normative-legal acts of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cabinet of Ministers;

5) payment sheet (receipt) on payment of applicants who graduated from educational institutions in the years before the academic year in which the tests were organized (with the exception of persons with disabilities or with full state support) in the amount of half the base calculation fee for participation in the tests.

Registration of applicants is carried out every year from 15 June to 15 July (also on this day).