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How does TSUL implement the “Mahallabay” system of work?

Employees and teachers of Tashkent State University of Law are implementing several projects in the makhallas of the Yunusabad region based on the "Mahallabay" system.

In particular, the Department of Administrative and Financial Law organized an face to face meeting with residents of the Khusniobod makhalla.

During the meeting, residents of the makhalla were provided with detailed information about the courses recommended by the department.

During the event, makhallas were donated sports equipment to young people so that young men and women would regularly go in for sports. The staff of the department visited our compatriot, who lives in the area and has been suffering from a serious illness for several years.

Also, the staff of the Department of Criminal Procedure Law presented fiction books for the "Library of TSUL", which is being created in the "Kashkar" makhalla, and also installed free Wi-Fi.

Currently, the department prepares the youth of the makhalla for the Football Cup of the Rector of TSUL.

In addition, the teachers of the Department of International Law and Human Rights visited the "Firdavsiy" mahalla of the Yunusabad region and conducted meetings aimed at further replenishing the book fund of the mahalla, raising the legal awareness of schoolchildren.

The staff of the department organized a festival for the children of the preschool of the mahalla on the occasion of International Children's Day and presented the children with memorable gifts.

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