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Price list of services provided by Tashkent State University of Law

Preparation and examination of draft documents, preparation of comments:

  • Preparation of standard projects of the customer's local documents
  • Development of a draft resolution
  • Explaining laws and their norms and prepare comments
  • Development of standard drafts of legal documents
  • Drafting and preliminary examination of standard contracts
  • Preliminary examination of the draft resolution
  • Development and examination of local documents on labor legislation

Legal support, consultation and legal advice:

  • Legal support when creating, reorganizing a legal entity or changing its legal status
  • Resolution of appeals on issues arising in legal practice, preparation of proposals and issuance of legal opinions on them.
  • Organization of legal protection
  • Providing legal advice
  • Conducting conferences, round tables and scientific seminars on legal and other socio-economic issues

Legal education:

  • Providing paid legal education

Creation of programs:

  • Development of IT programs for legal services

Legal translations:

  • saytiga havola berilishi lozim

Preparation of textbooks, teaching aids, monographs and brochures:

  • Preparation of textbooks, teaching aids, monographs and brochures

Search for materials for writing articles, dissertations and dissertations:

  • saytiga havola berilishi lozim

IELTS and other language courses:

Contact information for more information about the services:

Phone numbers:

71 233 66 36 (extension: 1047)

99 936 80 00 (Behruz Shamsutdinov)