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International scholarships

Harvard University MBA Scholarship

Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the world where MBA programs are taught, and MBA is one of the world's leading business programs.

The Boustany MBA Scholarship at Harvard is awarded every two years for a two-year course at Harvard Business School.

Deadline for applications: May 31, 2021.

More information on the official website: https://www.boustany-foundation.org/scolarship-programs/MBA-Harvard

Latvian State scholarship

Applications are being accepted for the prestigious Latvian State Scholarship Program to study at universities in Latvia. Programs are offered at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.

Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students for up to 10 months per academic year.

Applications are accepted until April 1, 2021.

Check out the list of English language programs available


For more information, please visit: https://viaa.gov.lv/eng/scholarships_gov/scholarships_for_studies/


The University of Tsukuba in Japan is announcing a special grant program in Japanese and Eurasian Studies for an 18-month master's degree program.

Applicants must have an IELTS score of 6.0 or higher to participate in the program.

Gifted students will be eligible for a full scholarship from the Nippon Foundation Central Asia (NipCA).

Those wishing to participate must apply by March 1, 2021 at the following link: http://www.chiiki.tsukuba.ac.jp/spca/news-events/news-events.html

Scholarship for a master's degree in the UK

Nottingham Trent University Scholarship Program for Masters. Grants up to 50% of tuition. Candidates with excellent grades, high exam results and extracurricular achievements will be invited.

For more information, visit the following link: https://is.gd/rrMdTk


Xian Jiaotong University Scholarship Program of China

Xian Jiaotong University announces 3 different scholarship programs.

Applications: Applications must be submitted by April 10, 2021.

Please note: Chinese is not required.

For more information, please visit: https://telegra.ph/Xian-Jiaotong-University-Scholarship-01-25

Think Big Scholarship scholarship program from the University of Bristol

Stages: bachelor, master

There is a scholarship of 3,000 euros per year.

To apply for an international scholarship, apply online at http://www.bristol.ac.uk/international/fees-finance/scholarships/application-guidance/

Applications will be accepted until March 29, 2021.


Birkbeck, University of London Law School Scholarship Program

Birkbeck University School of Law offers scholarships to prospective masters who have applied to a full-time or part-time program. The grant covers tuition fees.

Applications will be accepted until June 30, 2021.

For more information, visit: https://is.gd/4fmQ6g