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Online application process for transfer of study is underway.
For the 2022/2023 academic year, applications for transferring and restoration of studies at republican higher education institutions are accepted through the following electronic systems:
- — from one HEI of the republic to another HEI or within one HEI; - from foreign and non-state higher education institutions.
Admission is open from July 15 to August 5, 2022 (inclusive).
Required documents:
◾️application (online);
◾️transcript or scorebook (JPG or PDF format);
◾️academic certificate (for those restoring the study).
We remind you that from this year, only 2 categories of students (if they get married or when the work of a civil servant moves to another place) will be allowed to transfer their studies for internal transfer.
Please note that documents will be re-checked after the tests are completed in order to prevent illegal situations related to the transfer of studies from abroad.  If during this process false documents are detected or there are debts in the higher education institution, the student will not be allowed to transfer his/her study, even if he/she scores higher than the passing score.