Student dormitory

Students’ hostel of Tashkent State Universityof Law is located in the campus of "Yoshlik" 192, Almazar district Students’ hostel includes two buildings.  Each building consists of 4 floors.  487 students live there. 

In the students’ hostel, there are separate rooms for foreign students. 

In 2019, a full fluid repair was carried out. 

To ensure the safety of students, observation cameras are installed on the territory and in buildings. 

For the use, rest and leisure of students rooms are allocated, all conditions are created. 

For students there are such conditions as, on each floor there is a dining roomon two sides, a toilet, and two showers. 

On each floor for relaxation, modern TVs are there to watch, as well as upholstered furniture in all.  The audience can use Wi-Fi. 

In the Students’ hostel, on the first floor of the buildings, a great attention is paid to ensure that students engage in useful activities when they are free, as well as a separate initiative committee to carry out five important initiatives proposed by our president Sh. Mirziyoyev.  In these rooms there are musical, classical instruments for students to study music, as well as accessories for fine arts, for students to engage in fine arts.  To carry out the second initiative, there is a fitness room for female students, as well as for students there are gyms and tennis rooms.  In addition, there are a computer class with modern computers, a library with fiction books, sewing rooms for students, a small conference room for spiritual and educational events, and the “Youth Union” room are ready to serve for the youth. 

The students’ hostel conducts its activities "Talabalar Kengashi" (Council of the Students), which is created by active students to ensure self-government of students.  In addition, each floor has its own "Student representative"

On the part of the University Management, the administration of the Students’hostel, the organization “Youth Union of Uzbekistan”, at the request of the students, educational and spiritual and educational events are being conducted.

In the Students’ hostel, the administration organizes some competition projects for students to do useful work in their free time.