The General Service Department

General information

About the Facilities and General Service Department

Organizing, managing and controlling maintenance and repair work in the premises of the university, ensuring the regulation of the work of department staff.

Operation and functions of the General Service Department

• The General Service Department is a structural subdivision of the university. The department works under the Charter of the University, which operates by order of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the rector of the university.

• Working out the action plan for the University in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and organization of the ongoing monitoring of its implementation.

• General Service Department includes following service groups:

- Working with building managers, chief engineers, engineers and service providers;

- Each service group functions independently, including chief engineers, engineers and service providers in accordance with their job descriptions under the supervision of head of the General Service Department.

- The General Service department, having investigated the requests received from the departments, eliminates the identified shortcomings.

- To enhance their professional skills, General Service department must comply with the internal policy based on labor legislation.

Duties of the General Service Department:

• onstantly monitoring the condition of university buildings and excluding the recognized defects;

• Organizing major maintenance of administrative and educational buildings of the university and dormitory facilities;

• providing the exploitation of University facilities and carrying out agricultural activities;

• Ensuring the availability of existing domiciliary appliances;

  •  Partial replacement and maintenance of some parts of household appliances, as well as repair and replacement of the equipment in cooperation with the pertinent enterprises and organizations;

• improving conditions for gardening and landscaping in University campus;

• Providing full maintenance of heating system of University buildings and dormitories,

• Providing management of the electrical system of University buildings and dormitories, ensuring the proper functioning of electrical facilities, repair and (or) replacement of some defective parts.

• Suggesting improvements on overall condition of the University premises.

• Maintaining the full operation of internal and external means of communication.

• Maintaining technical state of University vehicles, as well as strictly following the traffic rules.

• Accommodating students, providing them with clean sheets, creating a comfortable environment for them, monitoring all business applications and making proposals for the provision of new bedding and furniture.