Marketing department

Tasks and functions of the Department

The main tasks of the Department:

ensuring the signing of bilateral or trilateral contracts for studying at the University on a fee-contract basis (hereinafter the contract);

monitoring of timely provision of payments under contracts and conducting the calculation of received funds

The Department carries out the following functions for the implementation of tasks:

registration of contracts with students recommended for admission to the University on a fee-contract basis and accepted for classes by order of the rector, as well as with students transferred from course to course and recovered to study;

Acceptance and recording of documentation on payments of students on a fee-contract basis;

providing the dean-offices and the department of master’s degree with the information on the carrying out the payments under the contracts;

providing the Deputy rector for academic affairs with weekly information on the status of providing the dean offices and the department of master’s degree with opportune payments under the contract;

timely preparation and submission of reports on received funds under contracts to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

quarterly provision of information on contract income to the Accounting department;

consideration of appeals of legal entities and individuals under the terms of fee-contract based study, making proposals to the Deputy rector on financial and economic issues;

as well as regular delivery of data of analytical information on the funds received under the contracts to the Deputy rector for financial and economic issues.