Financial economic department

General information

Financial economic department of the university was established for the purpose of development of financial economic activities and to strengthen the internal financial control of the university.

Main goals of the department are to organize financial activity of the university and all of its departments directed to rational planning and effective usage of the financial means, and to attract and forecast off-budget funds.

Main goals of the department

Main areas of the activities of the financial economic department are:

  • Planning the receipts of budget funds, and funds obtained from activities bringing in returns by means of budgeting incomes and expenses at all types of activities of the university with the justification and calculations of them;
  • Analyzing of financial and economic activities of the University and use of funds in accordance with estimates of expenditure by source of funding;
  • Preparing staff schedules of the university on budgetary and off-budgetary funds;
  • Calculating of the quantity and preparation of staff structure of managerial, technical, service and educational personnel, as well as faculty members of the university;
  • Controlling over the correctness of names of professions and positions in accordance with the qualification, the use of tariff rates, salaries, bonuses and allowances;
  • Timely preparing of the financial and economic reports to the relevant organizations;
  • Timely informing the management about the news in the financial and economic indicators;
  • Placing of goods, works and services that are purchased for the university, in electronic trading on commodity exchanges and maintain control.

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