Department of Commercialization of scientific-innovative works

General information

The department of Commercialization of scientific-innovative works established due to the President Resolution #3698 “On the additional measures of developing mechanisms of implementing innovations in the fields and spheres of economy” and Order #08-406 of the Deputy Minister of Justice – Rector of Tashkent state university of Law.

Followings are the main tasks of the department:

to involve scientific-pedagougical staff, doctorate students and students as well as specialists of other organizations to scientific-innovative works and services that finalized by budgetary and extra-budgetary resources;

legal observance of university’s intellectual property objects, as well, booking in advance the enrollment of patent for intellectual property objects within and outside of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

to ensure and supervise drawing up contracts on doing scientific examinations, international scientific-technical partnership and other type of contracts regarding to intellectual property;

to provide service and accomplish drawing up contracts on the objects of intellectual property, ensuring legal observance of that objects for other organizations and individuals;

to collect, keep and provide the usage efficiency monitoring of the data base on the scientific-innovative works of the university;

to promote creating competitive scientific or technical products, as well as promoting those objects pecuniary from the Innovation budgetary resources, supervising purposeful usage of those funds, support scientific teams of the university.

Formation of an innovation management system

In order to implement the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 7, 2018 No. PP-3698, as well as in order to organize the Innovation Fund and approve the Regulation of the Innovation Fund, the Decree of the rector of the Tashkent state university of Law dated August 13, 2018 No. 08-405 was adopted and the Innovation Fund was created at the university .

By the decree of the rector of TSUL of November 1, 2018 No. 08-527, the Regulation on the Innovation Council and the composition of the Council were approved.

The functions of the board are as follows:

encouraging research and innovation;

procurement of scientific and laboratory equipment, consumables, and components;

formation and updating of research infrastructure, financial incentives for scientists;

financing the activities of the Department of Science and Innovative Development of the University;

in addition, bear other costs associated with innovation, including reimbursement for the publication of the results of scientific research in foreign journals of doctoral students and university staff.

Work carried out on the commercialization of scientific results.

Based on the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 7, 2018 “On additional measures to improve the mechanisms for introducing innovations in the economic sector” No. PP-3698, dated July 14, 2018 “On additional measures to improve the efficiency of commercialization of the results of scientific, scientific and technical activities ”No. 3855, as well as following the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of December 3, 2018 “On measures to introduce effective mechanisms for promoting the promising achievements of scientific and scientific and technical activities” No. 979 in the Tashkent state university of Law established the procedure for a one-time payment of monetary remuneration to the author or scientific group that participated in the commercialization of the results of scientific activity.

The procedure for commercializing the results of scientific activity was discussed on November 14, 2018 at the first meeting of the Innovation Council of the Tashkent state university of Law. On the basis of the Rector’s Order of February 5, 2019 No. 0854, the Regulation “On the Procedure for Commercializing the Results of Scientific Activities” was developed.

To date, the university has commercialized the following 19 types of legal services:

conducting legal campaigns, propaganda;

provision of legal advice;

preparation of drafts of local documents of legal entities;

development of draft regulatory documents;

carrying out through the examination of draft regulatory documents;

explanation of the meaning and content of norms and legal documents; development of draft contracts and their implementation through examination;

preparation of textbooks on legal and some humanitarian disciplines, educational and teaching aids, monographs, information and analytical materials, scientific and practical commentaries and brochures;

conducting round-table discussions on legal and some humanitarian issues, scientific seminars and conferences; translation in the legal sphere;

provision of legal education services;

development and implementation through examination of drafts of local regulatory legal documents of labor legislation;

support of a legal entity, when it is formed, converted when its legal status changes;

editing educational, scientific and other printed materials, give reviews and conclusions;

the organization of the educational process in a modular credit system, the provision of practical assistance in training programs;

conducting demonstration classes on the organization of the educational process based on new technologies;

development of draft provisions, programs, legal directions aimed at streamlining the activities of the educational institution;

the provision of legal services related to the use of information and communication technologies.

It may also provide other legal services, taking into account the proposals of customers that do not contradict the legislative acts of the Tashkent state university of Law.

Measures taken to commercialize scientific research results

In 2019, the university signed 20 economic agreements aimed at commercializing the results of scientific research. Activities in this direction are ongoing.

In 2019, in order to commercialize scientific and innovative developments, the university prepared 12 scientific works, including 1 monograph, 11 practical manuals on this basic of agreements for customers. Among them, the following practical works were developed: the monograph “Issues of increasing the legal awareness and legal culture of youth”, practical manuals: “Consumer rights in the field of freight and passenger transportation (air, rail and public transport)” (on a preferential and paid basis), “Rights and consumer responsibilities in the field of medical services (on a preferential and paid basis), “Consumer rights in the field of communications and Internet services”, “Consumer rights and obligations in the field of public utilities owners of real estate agencies”, “Rights and obligations consumers in the hospitality industry and tourism ", “Rights and obligations of consumers in the field of energy”, “The rights and obligations of consumers in the field of public catering”, “The rights and obligations of consumers in the field of financial services”, “The rights and obligations of consumers in the sale of medicines, furniture, gold products”, “The rights and obligations of consumers in the field of education” and “The rights and obligations of consumers in the field of trade and service”.

In 2019, the university entered into economic agreements with a number of organizations and firms, namely: “Cheap and comfort” LLC, “Real star max” LLC, “Orol oltin diyori” firm, “Muhammadrizo-N” firm, NEC , “World Edupia”, firm “Paxlavon Akmal”, LLC “Premium petrol service”, LLC “Bekzod Vet”, LLC “Shaxriston Turkiston”, MCS “Qoraqishloq”, LLC “Yodli meros”, LLC “Amirxon plyus”, LLC “Tafakkur charxpalagi”, Federation of Consumer Protection Societies of Uzbekistan, National Institute of Metrology of Uzbekistan, LLC“Inno lab”, law office“ United tax advisors ” and Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Oila".

Together with the university departments, a series of popular legal manuals is being developed, which reflects issues of interest to the modern public, and discusses the legal situations that they face.

On September 26, 2019, university representatives attended the Global International Conference “Investor Course in Uzbekistan” organized by the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the opening ceremony of the “Accelerator Laboratory” organized by the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan; October 7, 2019 at the INNOWEEK-2019 International Innovation and Investment Forum, which was held on October 29-31, 2019.

The university has developed an action plan to create centers of legal technology and foresight (Foresight) for the implementation of innovative developments in law. Systematic work is being carried out in this direction.

Development and promotion of mechanisms for the implementation of scientific and innovative processes

The Department of Commercialization of Scientific and Innovative Developments also carries out a wide range of activities to attract professors, teachers and doctoral candidates to the development and commercialization of innovative developments. In particular, in April 2019, a series of competitions in the direction of “Innovation & Initiative 2019” were held, aimed at attracting the faculty, doctoral students and talented students of TSUL to innovative developments, technological projects - startups.

The university approved the Regulation “On holding competitions among students for new startups,” according to which on May 13, 2019, the winners of the competitions for the projects “Best innovative project”, “Best independent work”, “Best creative approach”, “Best innovative idea” and "Innovative education". 1st place student in the contest "Best innovative project" Mirsolieva Farangiz Dilmurod Qizi, achieved 1st place in the competition "Best independent work" achieved Nasreddinov Nizomiddin Bakhodir o’g’li in the competition "Innovative Education" Ikramov Murodjon Aminjonovich achieved the competition “The best creative approach” was achieved by 1st year student Olimjonov Islombek Ilyosjon, 1st year student Juraeva Muslimakhon Bakhodirova achieved first place in the contest “Best Innovative idea”. On the part of the university, the winners of the competition were awarded with diplomas and cash prizes.

Also, in November-December 2019, the Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminology, together with the 3rd dean’s office and the department for the commercialization of scientific and innovative development, held a competition among students on the corner process “An exemplary criminal trial”, the winners of which were awarded a cash prize of 24 minimum wages.

The University supports the Innovation Fund with all the teachers published in leading international journals, which are included in international scientific and technical databases, such as Scopus and Web of Science. To date, 22 faculty members who have published scientific articles in international journals have been awarded cash prizes.

Activities carried out in the framework of state scientific and technical programs

Currently, the university conducts fundamental and practical research on six scientific and technical programs. Three of which are fundamental and are planned for 2017-2021. The next three are scheduled for 2018-2020 and are practical.

BF-1-013. "Fundamentals of the fundamental and scientific and methodological foundations for the systematization of business legislation: domestic and foreign experience." The project manager is Candidate of juridical sciences E. Kanyazov.

BF-1-012. “Fundamental research on improving the theoretical and methodological foundations of creating legal mechanisms to increase the attitude towards the investment environment and reduce risks”. Project Manager - DsC., prof. O. Okyulov.

BF1-010. “Conceptual and legal basis for the creation of electronic government in the Republic of Uzbekistan”. Project Manager - DsC., S. Adilkhodjaeva.

ПЗ-2017092727453. “Issues of further improving the mechanisms for the enforcement of court decisions (in civil, economic, administrative and criminal cases)”. Project Manager - DsC., prof. Z. Esanova.

PZ-2017093094. Project of the practical study “Use of special knowledge in the disclosure and investigation of crimes in the field of information technology”. Project Manager - DsC., prof. U. Tukhtasheva.

PZ-201708272. Project of practical research “Modern trends in improving the legal framework and the functioning of international commercial arbitration in the Republic of Uzbekistan”. Project Manager - DsC., Associate Professor. I. Rustambekov.

52 researchers took part in this research project, including 37 professors − teachers, 15 doctoral students and independent researchers. Within the framework of research projects implemented at the university, 8 textbooks, 1 monograph, 4 brochures, 5 study guides, 16 articles in foreign journals, 61 scientific articles in Uzbekistan journals, 57 abstracts and articles (22 of them in foreign collections of scientific conferences) were prepared and published . In addition, 15 proposals have been prepared for draft laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan and resolutions of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

To participate in the competition for priority research projects financed at its own expense and conducted by the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in 2019 the university prepared 16 research projects totaling 22.4 billion soums and submitted to the ministry.