Department of Civil procedural and economic procedural law

General information

Department of "Civil-procedural and economic-procedural law" started its  activities in accordance with the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 28, 2013 № PP-1990 "On measures to further improve the legal system of training" and On measures to improve the system of legal training of specialists in Tashkent State University of Law dated April 28, 2017. The main task of the department is to carry out activities in the educational-methodical, spiritual, educational, scientific and methodical field, as well as teaching students the concept of the general and special part of the "Civil Procedural Law", "Commercial Procedural Law", "Prosecutor control", "Advocacy", procedural acts economic affairs, procedural order of execution of legal process in civil cases, the skills of application in practice of the procedural substantive, skill formation of comparative and logical thinking of the procedural items, the improvement of self-training skills, familiarization with laws and regulations, assistance to students for self-education.

Nowadays there are 21 professors and teachers in the department. At the same time, 4 advocates and other operational personnels are involved in the training.

Up to now, the department has published 8 textbooks, more than 30 training manuals, more than 10 monographs, more than 12 educational-methodical manuals, 3 informational analytical materials, 2 reviews.


Department of Education Bachelor

5240100 "Jurisprudence" (State law activity)

5240100 "Jurisprudence" (Civil law activity)

5240100 "Jurisprudence" (Criminal law activities)

5240100 "Law" (International law activities)

5240100 "Jurisprudence" (Business law activity)

Subjects studied in the Bachelor

Civil Procedural Law

Procedural acts in civil cases

Economic Procedural Law

Procedural acts on economic affairs

Prosecutor supervision


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Scientific and scientific–methodical affairs

Scientific potential of the department is 25 percent, 2 doctor of sciences,  2 candidate of legal sciences, 12 independent researchers, 2 doctoral students. On execution of the order on August 8, 2008 №237 Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education scientific circle "Young scientist of civil procedure" was organized.
10 undergraduate students were engaged in carrying out research activities on global issues of civil procedural law.

In order to improve the active legislation by the Department which cooperation was established with Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Center for Training of Lawyers at the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Uzbekistan and law enforcement authorities.

Spiritual and academic affairs

Teachers of the department in accordance with the approved plan at the enterprises, organizations and institutions conducted lectures on various topics. 12 faculty members carry out activities as a group curator. They conduct spiritual and educational and educational work in groups.


Tashkent city, Sayilgoh str. 35, 2 educational building, office 209

Tel: 233-66-36 (1055)