Dean’s office (4nd year)

General information

The Dean's office is organized in accordance with the Decree of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 28, 2017 PP-2932 "On measures to radically improve the system of training the educational staff of Tashkent State University of Law".

The duties and functions of Dean office of the 4th year course are the following:

assisting on spiritual, intellectual, physical and ethical development bring students up in the spirit of patriotism, civic sense, humanism, respect for laws, universal and national custom, having the ability to withstand harmful influences and sects, a firm belief and views towards life, a sense of responsibility to the state and society, interethnic harmony, awareness of the priority of law in its observance;

сoordination of the activity of the departments on the preparation of highly qualified legal cadres, meeting the modern requirements and methods of teaching, pedagogical, information and communication, innovative technologies, the high demands of democratic and legal reforms, the formation of civil society and modern international standards;

active participation of the young in scientific research, strengthening the scientific potential of the departments, the generalization of scientific-methodological and research works, undertaking scientific projects within the framework of state scientific and technical programs, the organization of scientific and innovative cooperation;

preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff who can master to modern international standards, strengthening professional and pedagogical skills, legal and political culture, growth of practical work experience, retraining and further training and organization of internships;

assessment of the quality of education, analysis, as well as the effective organization of other organizational and methodical activities.

Departments of 4th course dean`s office:

Department of State law and Governance 

Department of International Commercial law;

Department of International Public law

Department of Language training

Today, 464 students are enrolled for the 4th course (415 of these are boys, 49 are girls)