Academic Registrar’s Office

General information

The Academic Registrar’s office is a structural subdivision of Tashkent State Law University.

The Office relies on legislative acts of ministries and agencies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, acts of the executive branch, the functional development of state policy and the regulatory framework of education sphere, the University Charter, the decisions of the Council and the orders of the rector.

The main tasks of the Academic Registrar’s Office are planning the educational and methodological activities of the university, monitoring the development and implementation of curricula in the educational process, establishing the schedule of hours of the teaching staff and monitoring their performance, monitoring the quality of teaching, the process of various technologies and the analysis of their effective use, forming state attestation commissions for the final state attestation and organizing their activities, as well as the development of proposals to improve the quality of examinations and the development of students' self-study skills.

Assessment of students’ knowledge of modules during the semester is carried out on the basis of control schedules and assessment criteria in accordance with the Regulation "On the order of monitoring and assessment of students' knowledge at Tashkent State Law University in conditions of a modular training system" (Registration № 2780, 22.04.2016)

The control schedules are compiled by the Academic Registrar’s Office on the basis of the educational and calendar-thematic plans provided by the departments, in coordination with the vise chancellor for academic work.