Scientific publications

Tashkent State University of Law established a legal-scientific and practical journal “Юридик фанлар ахборотномаси – Вестник юридических наук – Review of law sciences” in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Mass Media”, the Decree of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PP–1990 “On Measures for Further Improvement of the system of legal personnel training” from June 28, 2013, PP–2932 “Measures to radically improve the system and improve efficiency training in the Tashkent State Law University” from April 28, 2017.

Languages ​​of the periodical: Uzbek, Russian and English.

 The main purpose of the periodical is to enhance the legal culture of the population, publish research results on current legal problems of state administration, renovation of the judicial and legal system, development of legal bases for deepening market reforms, etc.

Specialization of the periodical: legal-scientific and practical.

Periodicity of the journal: once in 3 months (4 editions per year).

The chief editor - doctor of sciencies in law, prof. Khakimov Rahim Rasuljanovich.

The deputy chief editor - doctor of sciencies in law, prof. Salaev Nodirbek Saparbaevich.

Address of the publishing house (postal address): Tashkent Sayilgoh st. 35. Index – 100047.



Journal "Uzbekistan Law Review"

"Uzbekistan Law Review" scientific and analytical journal is published since 2004 year. Now this journal performs its activities based on a provision (the order of the rector of TSUL of February 3, 2014 No. 08-25) and licenses No. 02-0074.

"Uzbekistan Law Review" scientific and analytical journal is included into the list of recommended scientific editions for publication of basic scientific results of research works by the Supreme attestation comission of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Editorial board

Editorial board of "Uzbekistan Law Review" scientific and analytical journal formed from the leading scientists and specialists of the country in the field of the law.

The chief editor – doctor of sciencies in law, prof. Gulyamov Said Saidakhrarovich.

Requirements to author's articles:

1. Compliance of the article to a certain industry of the law.

2. Availability of the review of the doctor of science in the corresponding sphere of the law or member of editorial board.

3. The name of article in three languages – Uzbek, Russian, English and information about the author.

4. The short summary and keywords in the Uzbek, Russian and English languages.

5. At the end of the article availability of the list of references.

6. Сorrectly created legal problem, high quality of material of the article, justification of sources, legal problems, opinions and conclusions.

7. The scientific article should be at least 4 pages, must not have spelling and stylistic errors, and also plagiarism.

8. Footnotes are created as trailer in the form of the list of references.

9. Font 14 Times New Roman, an interval 1,5, paragraph 1,25, from above and from below 2, at the left 2,5, on the right 1,5 cm shall be arranged in the A4 format.

Regulations on a reviewing order

Articles which are handed over for the publication shall have the referral review from the leading scientist in the sphere of the law of article which is directly connected to a subject. Articles are considered from editorial board and in case of article compliance to all to requirements recommend to the publication in the corresponding journal number.


The chief editor – Gulyamov Said Saidakhrarovich, 2336636 (1073).

The deputy chief editor – Rustambekov Islambek Rustambekovich, 2336636 (1074)

Journal "Society and the law"

"Society and the law" collection of scientific articles of young scientists are founded in case of Council of young scientists of TSUL based on the order of the rector of TSUL on December 10, 2014 No. 08-244.

The "Society and the law" has the following headings: state and legal activities, international-legal activities, civil activities, business-legal activities, criminal-legal activities.

The collection is published 2 times a year at number of 100 copies.

Editorial board

The editorial board of the "Society and the law" collection consists of members of Council of young scientists of TSUL. The chief editor is Rustambekov Islambek Rustambekovich – PhD in Law, assosiate professor, chairman of the Council of young scientific of TSUL.

Requirements to authoring originals of articles

The authoring original of the article have to be at least 4 pages. Article shall consider and analyze a legal problem, have systemacity and the sequence, also article should be original, not have plagiarism, have page-by-page footnotes. Article is made out by the 14th Times New Roman font. Paragraph 1,5.

Provision on a reviewing order

The review from the scientist shall be attached to article on specialization of a subject of article, it is desirable from composition of editorial board. Also article can be recommended for the publication by the protocol of specialized department.

Contacts: The chief editor – Islambek Rustambekov, tel. 2336636, Editor – Xilola Saloeva, tel. 2336636