My innovative idea

In order to implement the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the republic of Uzbekistan № 822 from September 29, 2018 with the order of the Deputy-minister of Justice of the republic of Uzbekistan, Rector of Tashkent State university of Law № 08–493 from October 8, 2018 the action plan on directing students of TSUL towards scientific research and formulating innovative thinking has been approved. In the article 7 of this action plan, a creation of the web page “My innovative idea” in the official site of the university and provide students’ active involvement have been planned, and to carry out this article innovatsion goyam/ has been created.

Nowadays this page contains a contest in collaboration with office in Uzbekistan of UN Development program on supporting scientific research of reforms on judicial issues of law students and researchers of higher educational institutions.