University graduates

The university has a rich history, its graduates occupy an important place in the development of the country, the implementation of reforms in the judicial, socio-economic and political spheres. Despite the fact that the University acquired this high status only in 2013, it is the successor of one of the most prestigious and famous universities of not only our country, but also all of Central Asia, the CIS countries - the Tashkent State Law Institute.

Graduates of the university have always occupied and occupy high and responsible positions in government and administration. In particular, Akmal Holmatovich Saidov, well-known lawyer, scholar of Law and public official of modern Uzbekistan, can be cited as one of the most famous alumni of our university. A.Saidov is a doctor of legal sciences, professor.

In various years of his life, he held responsible posts in many government bodies, including working as director of the Institute of World Problems under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and also served as an honorary Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Uzbekistan in France and the Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan to UNESCO.

Since October 1996, he has held the position of Director of the National Center for Human Rights of the Republic of Uzbekistan, defending the interests of Uzbekistan in the world arena with honor.

A whole galaxy of graduates in different years, received a higher legal education in our university that carries out professional activities in the Presidential Administration, the Chambers of Oliy Majlis, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Prosecutors office and other law enforcement agencies. As an example, may be mentioned the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Uzbekistan O. Murodov, DSc I.Astanov (Scientific secretary of the Scientific Council of the Academy of the General Prosecutor's Office), PhD. S.Makhkamova (Head of Public Relations and Legal Information of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan), etc.

There are also quite a lot of representatives of our university holding senior positions at the Ministry of Justice. These include the Head of the State Assets Management Agency, Nodirjon Juraev (he graduated from the master of the TSUL in 2006) First Deputy Minister of Justice Makhmud Istamov (graduated from TSUL in 2000), Deputy Minister of Justice Akbar Tashkulov (graduated from TSUL in 1994), Deputy Minister of Justice Khudoar Meliyev, Head of the Office of Legal Propaganda and Information Sherzad Rabiyev, Head of the Department of Human Rights Protection Avazbek Madamyanov Head of the Office of Legal Protection of the Interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan in International and Foreign Organizations, DSc. Islambek Rustambekov.

University graduates carry out their activities in reputable international organizations. For example, T. Shakirov, who graduated from the TSUL in 2004, currently works as a senior legal advisor to the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ Program for Europe and the CIS).

Existing partnership agreements


Partner University

Type of Contract

Content of Contract


University of Mie


on cooperation in education and science:

- exchange of faculty and staff;

- exchange of students;

- exchange of publications and relevant scientific and educational information;

- joint research, lectures and conferences;

- carrying out other activities on mutual agreement.


Toulouse 1 University Capitole


about cooperation in the field of education and science:

- modernization and improvement of the educational process in the field of higher legal education;

- legal researches;

- encouraging more extensive study of French, followed by French and English law;

- teacher and student exchanges.


German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer and the German Research Institute of Public Administration


About cooperation in the field of education and science:

- modernization and improvement of educational process in the field of financial law education;

- development of scientific research;

- encouraging a broad study of German, followed by the study of German and English law,

- scientific exchange of teachers, researchers, doctoral students and post-graduate students.


Boston College Law School


About cooperation in the field of education and science:

- implementation of joint training programs;

- creation of environments for exchange of ideas, information and educational literature;

- methodological assistance in effective management of the educational process and introduction of innovative methods of teaching at TSUL;

- exchange of academic students;

- training of teachers, doctoral students and other staff of the University;

- assistance in organizing the activity of the legal clinic of the University;

- conducting research.


Shanghai University of Political Science and Law


About education cooperation:

- development of different educational projects;

- academic exchange of students,

- academic exchange of professors

- exchange of academic and scientific information.

Russian Federation

Nonprofit Organization "International Training and Methodology Center for Financial Monitoring"


- organization and implementation of training programs for qualified personnel;

- facilitating multilateral exchanges in education and science;

- exchange of experience, information, educational and scientific and other legal, methodical references and other materials.

- participation in development of educational and methodical programs, courses of distance learning, information and other materials;

- providing advice, methodological and other assistance to each other;

- exchange of teachers and scientists for lectures, seminars, trainings, consultations, internships, joint scientific and methodical work;

- conducting joint scientific and practical conferences, seminars and other events;

- preparation and publication of joint research and development (monographs, scientific articles, etc.) in mutually beneficial areas;

Russian Federation

The Russian Academy of Justice


About cooperation in the field of science and education:

- Exchange of lecturers for lectures at TSUL and the University of Justice;

- Exchange of legal literature, educational and methodical materials;

- Providing the representatives of TSUL and the University of Justice with the opportunity to participate in international conferences, round tables (discussions) and seminars;

- organization of internships for students and teachers of TSUL and the Academy of Justice;

- Sending law students to the Academy of Justice;

- Conducting joint scientific conferences and training seminars.

The Republic of Tajikistan

Tajikistan State University of Law, Business, & Politics


- exchange of teachers and other staff for practical training, as well as lectures, etc.

- exchange of students in the framework of academic exchange;

- exchange of undergraduates within practical training:

- professional scientific practice;

- exchange of professors within the framework of joint work in the field of science, culture and education;

- carrying out joint scientific conferences, round tables with invitation of specialists from other organizations;

- collaboration in the selection of applicants;

- exchange of information on planned educational, scientific and cultural events;



Polotsk State University



exchange of students;

- development and implementation of joint educational and research projects;

- joint publication of research results;

- participation in classes, seminars, trainings, conferences and symposiums;

- exchange visits of researchers, faculty, graduate students, doctoral students, researchers and students;

- exchange of experience and information (lectures, consultations of teachers and scholars, joint scientific and methodical work, scientific and educational literature, study programs, programs, etc.) Faculty of joint research, preparation of joint textbooks, manuals, monographs, publications of contract parties in university publications, facilitation of learning process) to encourage

- other joint educational and research projects.

Great Britain

University of Law


- co-operation in establishing a new international university in Tashkent and training in legal and business areas;

- development of the action program, including the appropriate procedures, mechanisms and structures, which will assist in the creation and development of the new institute by November 2018;

- jointly organize the educational process to provide undergraduate and master's degrees in law and business within the new university;

- design a roadmap for the development of academic and non-degree curricula, including undergraduate programs that combine elements of Uzbek law with English law, taking into account the needs of the Uzbek economy;

- development and joint development of continuing education programs for practicing lawyers and judges;

- increasing the academic mobility of students in the field of law and business education, including short-term courses, credit transfer and full-time teaching between the university and TSUL;

- management of quality assurance processes;

- cooperation in training, improvement of courses and transfer of knowledge;

- staff training;

- marketing activities, recruitment and subsequent advertising activities.  

The Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Osh State University


- assistance in bilateral exchange of students, undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students and professors;

assistance in the development of joint training programs of bachelor's and master's degrees;

to promote scientific cooperation and joint research in areas of mutual interest;

- assistance in organization and carrying out internships to improve the scientific skills of doctoral students, graduate students and professors;

- exchange of experience in the development of advanced teaching methods;

organization and implementation of joint educational and research projects.

The Republic of Kazakhstan

Almaty Management University


- exchange of Master's and Doctoral students;

- exchange of faculty for teaching Master's and PhD programs;

- exchange of faculty for joint activities, joint research and projects;

- creation of joint programs and dual degree programs for undergraduate and graduate programs;

- giving directions to undergraduates and doctoral students;

- creation of short-term modules for study tours for Master's and PhD students;

- exchange of information on materials, academic programs and collaboration between libraries.

The Republic of Kazakhstan

Suleyman Demirel University


- exchange of teachers;

- exchange of undergraduate and graduate students, doctoral students;

- joint research in international scientific projects;

- participation in seminars, conferences and scientific seminars;

- exchange of published educational materials and other information;

- special short-term study programs for doctoral students;

- internships for masters and doctoral students in law, international law specialties.

The Republic of Kazakhstan

L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University


- exchange of undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, teacher and researchers training, short-term and long-term internships, vocational (production training, research, pre-diploma, pedagogical) internships;

- cooperation in the preparation of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff and specialists in the areas of mutual interest;

- cooperation in the preparation of PhD programs and the creation of joint programs;

- invitation of the representatives of the parties to the reports, exchange of experience and information on educational and training activities, as well as curricula and programs.



National Academy of Law named after Yaroslav Mudry


- cooperation in the field of science and education;

- exchange of experience and information;

- exchange of students and professors;

- collaboration for the development of master's and doctoral programs, as well as professional training programs;

- organization and participation in conferences;

- other cultural, educational and scientific projects.


Russian Federation

All-Russian State University of Justice


- Exchange of mutually beneficial trainings and specialties with partner universities, undergraduates, specialists/graduate students;

- sending teachers, doctoral students, masters and students to the partner university for internships as well as lectures, research and consultations;

- conducting exhibitions reflecting scientific publications, manuals, curricula, reference books, as well as the achievements of both universities;

- working together to prepare and publish educational, educational, methodical, scientific and reference literature;

- to carry out joint scientific researches on topical issues of mutually beneficial science and technology, which require joint action of both parties;

- organization of bilateral joint conferences and seminars, as well as inviting scientists from partner institutions to participate in international symposiums, conferences;

- joint preparation of applications for participation in various international projects on priority areas of science, technology and technology development.



Russian Federation

Institute of International Law and Economics named after A.S. Griboedov




- increasing the scientific potential of both universities, including participation in seminars and conferences, the publication of collections and scientific articles, research, joint participation in grant programs;

- to enhance the scientific capacity of both universities, including exchange and internships for teachers and other staff, students, graduate students and doctoral students, and consultations on new specialty programs.

- involve professional staff members as listeners and teachers in continuing education courses;

- exchange of information, including mutual assistance in the procurement of textbooks and manuals, distribution of new textbooks, manuals and other printed materials, development and production of textbooks and new training programs;

- expanding the range and geography of educational services

- implementation of postgraduate education programs and various practice programs for teachers and students;

- exchange of experience and cooperation on international academic cooperation programs, including inviting representatives of partner universities to international seminars and internships, joint projects with foreign universities and organizations.


Russian Federation

National Research University Higher School of Economics


- experience in academic exchanges, including student exchange, teaching and other areas of mutual interest;

- development and implementation of joint educational and research programs and their components;

- implementation of joint research and publications;

- organization and carrying out joint educational, scientific and cultural events (conferences, seminars, etc.).