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Who can get a recommendation for a girl's grant?

Documents from female applicants for recommendation are accepted electronically through the platform from May 30 to June 8.

To receive a recommendation, applicants must meet one of the categories:
- girls from low-income families (a family with an average monthly total income equal to or less than 0.527 times the minimum wage for the period in which the total income is determined per family member);
- girls brought up in a single-parent family, i.e. where the father or mother or both parents passed away;
- single mothers whose spouses passed away and are raising minor children; 
- Girls from families with a disabled child;
- Daughters of single mothers raising two or more children under the age of 14 and living separately from other relatives;
- girls from low-income families, one of whose parents, or both, are disabled persons of the I or II group;

We remind you that girls from low-income families will be given an additional 4 percent grant for admission to higher educational institutions upon recommendation of the State Committee for Family and Women's Affairs. Girls with the highest scores in the competition will be accepted to study based on the state grant. Since 2021, referrals are given to candidates electronically.


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