Visit of TSUL lecturers to Germany

wednesday 04 march 2020

Professor of the Department of Civil Law of the TSUL M.X.Baratov and associate professor of the Department of Business Law I.Turaboev took part in the professional qualification course “Legal Methodology and Methods of Education in Germany”, held at the East Wismar Institute (Germany) at the initiative of the German Organization for International Cooperation ( GIZ) from February 16 to March 2, 2020.

Classes were held on such topics as “Problems of the theory of law”, “Problems of the methodology of teaching legal sciences”, “Problems of civil and civil procedural law”, “Problems of constitutional law”, “Problems of administrative procedures and administrative legal proceedings”, “Problems of criminal and criminal procedure law. ”

As part of the program, incidents and judicial practice were studied (Wismar City Criminal Court).

During the visit, he took part in an international round table on the topic “Prospects for Legal Development in the Countries of the Post-Soviet Union”.

In the end, university lecturers were awarded with certificates.