"The improvement of people's interest on Alisher Navoiy's creature"

tuesday 14 february 2017

On Feb 9, 2017, There was a spiritual and educational conference, which was called "The improvement of people's interest on Alisher Navoiy's creature", was hold on the occasion of the 576 anniversaty of the birth of Great and Speculator, statesmen, Hazrat Mir Alisher Navoiy.
The aim of the conference is to forsake the law of the great figures in the upbringing of the young generation to promote the human factor, the rights and interests of its students, instilling the idea of ​​priority, as well as the President has declared a "national dialogue and human interests" coverage of the essence and meaning of the name.

During the conference, his political-legal views, devotion and loyalty, duty and obligation interpretation,he idea of ​​living with-navoivedy conceptions were covered by the lecturer and candidate of philological sciences Pay Bozorova Husnigul. TSJU "Language training center," Professor of Pedagogical Sciences D.Xoshimova, faculty lecturer at the University of Z.Saidova academic lyceums students gave motivated atmosphere to the conference.