Law colleges utilize the support of Tashkent state university of Law

thursday 20 august 2020

From August 25, law colleges in all regions of the country will commence accepting online applications from candidates. After that, applicants are expected to have a test.  Making both processes as open and transparent as possible is the main focus of attention. These and other organizational issues related to the activities of law colleges were discussed in detail.

 Minister of Justice, Ruslanbek Davletov, the rector of Tashkent state university of Law, Rahimjon Hakimov, and heads of regional departments of justice and law colleges attended in the video conference.

The function of law colleges of the Ministry of Justice are being intensified following to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 29, 2020 "On additional measures to radically improve legal education and science in the Republic of Uzbekistan". Accordingly, now admission to these educational institutions will be based on tests. Education is organized as the credit-module system. This approach lets students study their specialties in depth, which ultimately has a positive impact on the competitiveness of the legal staff.

It should be emphasized that Tashkent state university of Law is particularly active in the quality and effective organization of the educational process in law colleges. For instance, the university closely assists in the development of modern curricula for law colleges, improving the content of education, information and resource provision. In the meeting, the rector of Tashkent state university of Law, Rahimjon Hakimov stated that the university staff will continue to pay serious attention to the training of legal personnel with secondary education and is always ready to provide educational and methodological support to these educational institutions.

It is essential to note that students who have successfully graduated from law colleges are accepted to Tashkent state university of law without tests, on the basis of interviews. Certainly, this is both an additional opportunity and an incentive for students who are determined to take up the field of law.

The issue of improving the quality of education in law colleges to the required level was also considered at the meeting. The Minister of Justice, Ruslanbek Davletov, emphasized the importance of the quality of teachers and stated to gather the most qualified specialists to the educational process.

- Corruption, acquaintanceship is unacceptable!-  stated  the  minister. - This is our demand for those who work at the admission! Managers and employees who have taken or bribed bribes will be immediately fired.

The recruitment system for law colleges is now expected to be more transparent. Candidates are selected by a special commission, and the interview process is broadcast online from beginning to end. In addition, there is an opportunity to encourage honest and conscientious well-experienced teachers who have mastered the field. This is going to be achieved by giving law colleges the right to independently manage the proceeds from the differentiated contract fee.

- The demand for modern teaching staff in law colleges is higher than ever, - said the rector of Tashkent state university of Law, R. Hakimov.

- Because there are great demands on the quality of education. That is why; I suggest using the potential of our graduates. Because they know what a credit-module system is. This means that they can easily master the innovations introduced in the activities of law colleges.

At the meeting, it was noted that every secondary special education institution training legal personnel should have a thorough understanding of how the credit-module system works. Moreover, revealing the importance, it is expedient to establish a system of certification of specialists in this area.

Other participants of the meeting also shared their views and suggestions on the issues discussed.


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