Tashkent State University of Law releases information about its financial activities

friday 28 august 2020
Tashkent State University of Law has launched open-source and transparent information on financial activities to the public

In the fiscal year 2019, the university's revenues accounted for 79 billion 323 million 700 thousand UZS.

85.4% of the income came from the tuition fees.

The university spent 72 billion 502 million 200 thousand UZS.

58% of this amount was spent on salaries, payments, and benefits, deductions from work.

10 billion 816 million 500 thousand UZS has been allocated for scholarships for students.

It should be noted that the average salary of university staff is 6 million 333 thousand UZS.

Tashkent State University of Law Department of Public Relations and Mass Media