Tashkent military court and Prosecutor's office held a master class for the students of TSUL

tuesday 10 march 2020

In the courtroom of the university, a “master class” was organized with the participation of a member of the qualification board of the Military Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan M. Murodov, Chairman of the Tashkent Military Court A. Sattorov and Senior assistant prosecutor of the Tashkent Military Prosecutor's Office S. Khayitov on the topic: “Military court of the Republic of Uzbekistan: its structure, and activity” for the 3rd year students of the 3rd group of the profile direction “Criminal Law Activity”and the 2nd year students of the profile direction “Civil Law activity".

The “master class” was stimulating and informative. M. Muradov and A. Sattarov explained the structural organization and bases of military courts in the Republic of Uzbekistan using practical examples.  

In the final part of the master class students received answers to their questions.