More than 150 candidates will study for Master’s degree at TSUL

friday 21 august 2020

The rector of Tashkent state university of Law, Rahimjon Hakimov, held an online meeting with students.

In the event, the preparations for the new academic year and the process of admission to the master's degree were outlined.

As it is noted, in this current academic year, 150 students will be accepted for the master's program in eight specialties. 2,789 candidates applied. Unlike previous years, applicants are tested. All conditions are prepared for this.

The quota for admission to the master's degree has almost doubled, - mentioned the rector of Tashkent state university of law, Rahimjon Hakimov. - Now there are 19 people in one place. Most candidates selected majors in public administration law, labor law, and the theory and practice of criminal law enforcement. In order to make it convenient, teaching materials and extra resources on exam questions are posted on the university's website - .

During the meeting, some data were provided on the contract fee and differentiated contract for the master's degree. Moreover, it was stated that systematic measures are being taken to develop distance education, conduct online trainings, and create a database of video lessons and e-textbooks.

- Due to the pandemic, we have to make significant changes in traditional education, - said R. Hakimov. - In September, the educational process will be carried out on a full-time basis. Masters are expected to commence their study in October. In order to ensure that students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills on time in quarantine conditions, we have launched a distance learning platform . Video lessons, lecture notes, exam questions and other resources have been uploaded to the platform. We provide students who do not have a computer with the necessary equipment for temporary use. Furthermore, justice departments of districts and cities will provide them with free internet access.

During the meeting, participants addressed their questions and suggestions to the rector.

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