On further development of the system of publication and propagation of book editions, increasing the reading of book culture and creating a commission for the promotion of reading books

friday 03 march 2017

Within the framework of the State program of the Republic of Uzbekistan " Тhе Year of Dialogue with the people and their interests" as well as for the execution of the Order of President Sh.Mirziyayev from 12th January 2017 "On further development of the system of publication and propagation of book editions, increasing the reading of book culture and creating a commission for the promotion of reading books", on March 3rd, 2017 at the Tashkent state Law University organized a round table on the theme:" Education for a healthy lifestyle and the role of literature in the education and upbringing of young generation".

Representatives of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan, Rustam Musurmon, Munavvara Usmonov, poet Gulihon Sultonzoda, as well as teachers and students of the TSUL attended as a guests of the event.