Held round table on the topic of “Problems and solutions to increase and update the legal literature fund”

thursday 20 september 2018
Discussion of problems to increase and update the legal literature fund

On September 20, 2018 at Tashkent State University of Law with the participation of members of the Senate Committee on Legislation and Judicial and Legal Issues a round table on “Problems and solutions to increase and update the legal literature” was held.

The event was attended by specialists from ministries, committees, departments and institutions, as well as professor-teachers of TSUL and representatives of the media.

At the event, the problems of preparing, publishing and delivering textbooks to readers were discussed in detail.

Also, views on the textbooks of the new generation, published by the team of TSUL were exchanged. The information center was provided with the fund by foreign partners providing legal literature: the University of Glasgow, Nagoya University, Boston School of Law, the University of Finland and the Law Schools of London.

Deputy Minister of Justice – Rector E.S.Kanyazov noted that TSUL is working on the preparation of new generation textbooks at a high level, in this process, along with professors-teachers of TSUL, more than twenty employees of legal practice are involved. During 2013-2018, 123 educational literatures, including 35 textbooks, 40 teaching aids, 10 teaching-methodological aids, 23 monographs and 15 manuals were published.

E.S.Kanyazov also mentioned that 27 textbooks are being prepared for the Law colleges under the Ministry of Justice, by the professor-teachers of TSUL.

As a result of the round table, noting the relevance of these issues, problems were discussed and proposals were put forward to increase and update the legal literature fund, and some recommendations were made.