Educational court trial simulation on “Civil procedural law”

thursday 26 april 2018
Educational court simulation was held in cooperation with Zangiota district court of Tashkent region

In 2018, April 26, second year students of TSUL who study at “Criminal law” direction prepared court trial simulation from “Civil procedural law” module in the big hall of Zangiota district civil court in order to execute the duties of the “Civil procedure and economic procedure law” department determined in the state project “Year of approval of active entrepreneurship, innovative ideas and technologies”.

  A judge of Zangiota district civil court, A.Baratov participated in process as an expert and exchanged his ideas regarding civil applications, procedural aspects of  resolving them. 

The civil case on “Letting into home” was performed with the participation of students in accordance with the claim and judge: D.Madumarov, secretary of the court: D.Muzaffarov, prosecutor: K.Ergashev, parties and third parties: F.Shamsiev, J.Pirnazarov, A.Mamadiev, X.Suyunova, N.Zokirova, specialist: K.Ulugov took part in this process.