A special course for students was held

friday 31 may 2019
A special course “Criminal trial advocacy” for the 3rd year students was conducted by the Specialist in the Law of the Regional Dialogue, Anna Guardino

In February-May 2019, Anna Guardino, a specialist in law of the Regional Dialogue, conducted a special course on “Criminal trial advocacy”for 3-year students (20 students) of the Tashkent State Law University. On a special course, students studied Stages of the Criminal Process in the United States, Arraignments and Evidence Presentation, Preparation for Trial and Opening Statements, Plea Bargaining and Motion Arguments, Evaluating the Case, Suppression Issues, Constitutional Guarantees, Direct Examination and Cross Examination, Closing Arguments and Ethics.

The special course was conducted in English with the use of interactive teaching methods. During the special course, students strengthened their knowledge and also mastered a number of special skills.