Zakhiriddin Mukhammad Babur

monday 10 february 2020

Zakhiriddin Mukhammad Babur is a prominent writer, poet, scientist, who has played a prominent role in the medieval Oriental culture, literature and poetry, as well as a great statesman and commander. Babur was one of the world's famous historians of the world, with a great work of the Baburnoma, written in the Uzbek language, while the Baburid dynasty in India was renamed as the statesman in the history of the country, with its wide publicity and perfect.

In the Information-Resourse Center of Tashkent State University of Law is organized the exhibition devoted to great person Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur. The exhibition will present “Baburname”, “Yulduzli tunlar” by P.Kadirov and other related works, including presentation we welcome all visitors.

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