"Youth for Biodiversity"

friday 19 july 2019
UNESCO's "Human and Biosphere" Program and the World Youth Biosphere Network are organizing the Youth Forum on "Youth for Biodiversity"

On September 15-18, 2019, the UNESCO Program and the World Youth Biosphere Network, a Youth Forum on "Youth for Biodiversity" is being held at the Changbayshang Biosphere Reserve in Zhilin Province, China.

To participate in this youth forum, could be recommended representatives who can speak
English / French fluently according to the following criteria:

• Youth between the ages of 18 and 35, actively participating in UNESCO's "Human and Biosphere" Program;

• Specialist working on the territory of the World Biosphere Reserve;

• Specialist working in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Territory Management.

You can get additional information through the link below:

web site: www.unescomabyouth.org

e-mail: unesconatcom@umail.uz


Tel: (71) 267-05-42, (71) 267-05-61