The grant of the world bank

thursday 28 february 2019
The University is implementing a project in the amount of 140 thousand US dollars of a grant from the Academic Innovation Fund of the World Bank

Tashkent State University of Law participated in the competition of the Fund for Academic Innovations organized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the World Bank with the project “Innovative form of expansion of availability of legal education through the “Electronic University” platform”, and was recognized as one of the winners of the competition.

Currently, it is planned to sign a contract with the allocation of US $ 140 thousand to finance activities under this project. The grant team provides for the following key project activities:

  • Announcement of a tender among computer program specialists and specialized software development firms for the creation of the Electronic University platform;

  • Integration on the basis of a single platform of electronic programs "Electronic learning process", "Electronic teacher", "Electronic student", "Electronic researcher", "Electronic legal propaganda", as well as social programs for working with youth;

  • Study of modern information and communication technologies and programs of modern foreign universities (including through working trips and inviting foreign specialists as experts);

  • Development and testing of special online programs to expand access for girls and women to legal education in the process of creating the Electronic University platform;

  • Publication on the results of the draft scientific articles in journals indexed by international scientific and technical databases (Scopus, Web of Science and other), etc.

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