Open lectures by prof. Gerd Droiss

monday 28 october 2019

On December 3 and 5, 2019, at the Tashkent State Law University, Professor of the Paris School of International Relations of France, prof. Gerd Droiss will conduct open lectures on the following topics:

 “Membership in International Organizations” – The lecture would show inter alia that contrary to conventional wisdom, international organizations do not need to have members, as the parties to the constituent agreement (if there is such an agreement) do not need to become members of the organization. Neither do international organizations need to be established by an international agreement, nor is there a need for their membership structures to be established by an international agreement. Moreover, there are effectively some organizations which may be classified as international even though they do not have formal membership structures.  The lecture would also profile the need of a wider concept of “subject of international law” and of new concepts of intergovernmental organization and international organization.

“International Financial Institutions” – This lecture would review four generations of international financial institutions since World War II and analyze new trends and developments. It would cover both traditional international financial institutions established by a treaty and funds established by a decision of a conference or the meeting of the parties to a multilateral international agreement, as well as dual and hybrid institutions incorporated under national law or established as trust funds. 

Lectures are open to everyone associated with the University and to guests from international organizations and diplomatic missions.  

Date: December 3rd and 5th, 2019

Venue: Tashkent State University of Law

Time: at 3 p.m. 

Registration: Please send the information (Name, Last Name, Occupation, Organization, phone number) to putting the title “Registration for lecture”.