International scientific and practical conference

wednesday 14 october 2020
To the attention of the faculty, independent researchers and students of the TSUL

On October 26, 2020, the Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is holding an international scientific and practical conference “Innovative development of Uzbekistan until 2030: a new financial architecture”.

In this regard, we invite all of you to take an active part in this prestigious conference.

Conference materials are accepted in the following forms:

- scientific thesis;

- video presentation and analytical information.

You can get acquainted with the requirements for participation in the conference, uploading scientific abstracts, video presentations and analytical data and their registration by registering at the following link: registration will end on October 15, 2020.

At the conference, special certificates are awarded to the winners in the categories.

Scientific theses and analytical data are published in the form of collections.

For more information, please call: +99890 832-24-09 (G.Kodirova).