International Court of Justice announces scholarship programs

thursday 17 october 2019

The International Court of Justice offers the following two types of trainings and internships:

1) a scholarship program of up to two years for graduates of law faculties. She aims to gain experience in this structure.

2) Internships for students and young professionals who are in the early stages of their careers, lasting from one to three months.

The court does not accept applications from individuals. Candidates may only be nominated by a university. The court does not cover the expenses of the internship, and the participants themselves are responsible for fulfilling immigration requirements, arranging travel, accommodation and obtaining valid medical insurance.

To apply for an internship, applicants must submit their curriculum vitae with a cover letter to the Registrar at the email address .

More information is available at the following link: /npino/form/JudicialFellowsProgramme/formperma/FljbBdmLNBvf01T9SWTFU JL1urGTBFY2zjdjJYsaA.