Deep reverence for Zulfie

thursday 28 february 2019

Zulfiya Israilova is a well-known, talented Uzbek poetess. She devoted a long and fruitful creative life to her people; praised his glorious labor achievements, his centuries-old moral and family traditions; glorified mother - Motherland and mother - the keeper of the family heart. Perhaps, there will be no topic in the diverse life of Uzbekistan, which Zulfiya would have overlooked.

Her art world - the whole country of Uzbekistan - is independent and sovereign. A bright artist, a subtle connoisseur of the soul of a simple working man, a courageous fighter for the equal rights of Eastern women in society, the poetess and writer created works of various genres: poems, ballads, elegies, lyric poems, stories, essays, and journalistic articles.

An exhibition dedicated to the poetess Zulfia was organized at the Information Resource Center in Tashkent State University of Law. The exhibition presents her books and many other works, as well as presentations and videos about the life and work of Zulfia. We invite all readers to our Information Resource Center.


 Inadvertently leafing the book of my life through,

I stopped regretting at my bygone life.

I laughed brightly- instead of the smile,

I loved foolery – if there were needed love.

Wearing silk, calico or brocade?

Did not pay caution by owning wealth- heart.

I was hugged by the life which was as the sun,

New song is needed in its each teach.

I stopped regretting at my bygone life,

Do not want no one’s life the same as mine:

I loved,

I was fondled,

I detached,

Suffered I,

I had known what the esteem was,

That was live at all!