“Conference at Polotsk State University”

tuesday 18 february 2020

Applications for participation in the 12th conference of young scientists at the Polotsk State University “European and National Contexts in Scientific Research” in English (12th Junior Research Conference “European and National Dimension in Research”), which will be held on 13-14 May, 2020

Before applying, everyone should familiarize themselves with the rules for submitting a scientific article (in the appendix), as well as fill out the participant’s online registration for (https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=aoyY9stJ-0GNqDpUYL2HR1zQglUL1Y9DriIXlfQsJtJURDFLVVJETk01UDdCN0pFOU1LTUg4TzNMSi4u

Please, send the article executed in accordance with the rules (in English and, if possible, in Russian) to the email address: jrc.psu@gmail.com

The deadline for submission of materials is March 6, 2020