thursday 08 august 2019

Call for new members of National Team of Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) of Uzbekistan.  HERE is looking for Higher Education system professionals, who will join the National Team of HERE order to contribute to HERE reforms and follow the strategic goals set by the National Authorities.

Main activities of the national team of HEREs in partner countries:

With the support of the Erasmus+ programme, they participate in the development of policies and reforms in their countries and contribute to the training of local stakeholders. Their activities consist of, for example, organising and participating in seminars, writing articles and reports, and providing advice to individual institutions and policy makers;

Regular international training opportunities are offered for the HEREs, in order to deepen their knowledge on topics related to the modernisation of higher education and enable them to share experiences with HEREs from other countries;

The national teams of HEREs provide a pool of expertise for the national authorities and local stakeholders, promoting reforms and contributing to the modernisation of the higher education sector in the country.

HERE activities are not paid. However, the new members will benefit of specific trainings in Europe and in the partner countries.

More information about National Teams of HEREs:

HEREs Activity report 2017:

If you are interested in the membership, please send your CV to by 7 September 2019.