Attention applicants

thursday 15 october 2020
Attention applicants for admission to bachelor and master's degree at Tashkent state university of law on the basis of differential pay contract

As of October 15, this year, more than 700 applications for bachelor's degree and more than 300 applications for master's degree were received from applicants who want to study at the Tashkent state university of law on the basis of a differentiated paid contract.

To date, the admissions committee verifies the authenticity of these applications, the accuracy of the information specified in the application in the context of bachelor's degree courses, specialty of master's degrees and languages of instruction.

The university's admissions committee informs that contracts for a differentiated paid contract will be issued in electronic form in the coming days, taking into account the sequence of points scored by applicants.

We also inform you that the university's admissions committee is considering the maximum possible admission of all applicants who have applied, taking into account internal capabilities of the university.

For more information about the admission process, please contact the University's Call center (71 2331395 and 71 2336636 (internal 1185)), the official website ( and a social network page (@tsulofficial).