Amir Temur – the builder of statehood

tuesday 02 april 2019

Today, our country celebrates the 683th anniversary of an outstanding statesman – Amir Temur.

The great commander was born on April 9, 1336 in the village of Khoja Ilgar, not far from Shakhrisabz. After three decades he became the ruler of a great power.

In the edification of the descendants, Amir Temur left Code of laws on State management "The Code of Timur". Amir Temur was the creator. In the Soviet times, his name was undeservedly neglected. With independence, the name of our distinguished ancestor Amir Temur returned to us with great dignity.

A book exhibition dedicated to Amir Temur, the epoch of his rule, was organized at the Learning-resource Center of the Tashkent State University of Law. The book "The Code of Timur" will also be presented at the exhibition.

The staff of Learning-resource Center invites everyone to get acquainted with the books presented at the exhibition and watch videos about the era of Amir Temur’s reign.