A world-renowned lawyer will start working at TSUL

wednesday 07 october 2020

Dr. iur. Gerd Droesse – a qualified lawyer from Germany with more than 35 years of experience in international organizations. He has worked in international organizations such as the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Asian Development Bank, Green Climate Fund, World Green Economy Organization (WGEO). Currently, Dr.Droesse is a Senior Advisor to international organizations and governments based in Vienna, Austria.

In October Dr.Droesse will conduct course on “Law of International Organizations” on the basis of additional credits for 3rd year students of the Faculty of International Law and Comparative Legislation in our University.

During the course, special attention will be paid to the following topics:

-Historic background and origins of International Organizations;
-Types of International Organizations;
-The concepts of Intergovernmental Organizations and International Organizations, the evolution of International Law;
-Subject of International Law and international legal personality;
-Privileges and immunities;
-Constitution and constitutionalization and internal legal order;
-Membership and representation;
-Organizational and institutional Structures;
-Decision-making procedures;
-Funding of International Organizations and responsibility of International Organizations;
-New trends in global governance and new trends and developments in the international organizations’ architecture.

Prestigious educational institutions in the world use the works of Dr.Droesse.

In particular, Dr. Droesse is the editor and main contributor of the book “Funds for Development. Multilateral Channels of Concessional Financing” that was launched at the Centre of International Law of the National University of Singapore in 2011 and has contributed chapters to four books. His new book titled “Membership in International Organizations. Paradigms of Membership Structures, Legal Implications of Membership and the Concept of International Organization” was recently published by TMC Asser Press.