Direction Programmes of Study for Bachelor degree

Now lawyer personnel are prepared in following directions in Tashkent State University of Law:


State Law Direction – Study programme of this direction is aimed at ensuring students to become proficient in legal knowledges, and providing the skills of implementing the law in the field of State governance.  In this course, students learn the foundation of the Government, and it’s systems, principles of activity of Executive bodies, as well as administrative relations, et.c.

This direction provides students to learn how to make a systematic analysis in the sphere of governmental-legal relations which promotes skills of making decisions in governance.

Current direction is directed at preparing specialists for governmental bodies in different parts of Executive branch, and governance (Ministries, State Committees, Organizations, Local Governmental Organizations, et.c.).


Civil Law direction. This direction is aimed at providing students with knowledge and skills in the field of Civil Law, Labour Law, housing, family relations, as well as Property Law, and other relations relative to property, results of intellectual activity, using natural resources, and Environmental Law, and protection of citizen’s property and personal non-property Rights.

The Direction provides students to improve their skills of analyzing Laws regulating civil relations, and improving implementation practice, working with the ways and methods of regulation in order to deal with problems occurring in legal practice, drawing up procedural documents, as well as other documents relative to the profession.

Current Direction is directed at provision of personnel for Civil Courts, Economic Courts, Legal Departments of State and Economic Governance Bodies, Advocacy, and Notary.


Criminal Law Direction. Learning outcomes of this Direction include provision of knowledge of students in Criminal Law, and it’s system, structure of Criminal Legislation, corpus delicti, and qualification of crimes, theory of evidences, criminal responsibility, Court and Law Enforcement Bodies, Supervision of Prosecutor, basis of execution work, etc. Learning objectives of the Direction are directed at knowledge in prosecution of crimes, carrying out the investigation, and prevention of crimes, defending violated rights and obligations of citizens, supporting the State indictment, using the methods of criminalistics in professional activity, etc.

In the scope of this Direction students are educated in methods of systematic analysis in accordance with Criminal Legislation, Criminal procedural activity, Law implementation practice, drawing up procedural documents, and other documents relative to the professional activity.

Specialists of this Direction are supposed to have a career in Courts, and Law Enforcement Bodies (Prosecution Office, as well as Military Prosecution Office, Bodies of Internal Affairs, Custom Houses, Inquiry Bodies, etc.)


Business Law Direction. This Direction is purposed at teaching students Business, Investment activity, corporate relations, and other relations regulated by Law, as well as State regulation of business activity, organizing legal departments in State and Economic governmental Bodies, and defending violated rights and lawful interests of business entities.

Current Direction indicates students to make systematic analysis of Legislation in the practice of entrepreneurial, investment, banking activity, tax and custom relations.

In the process of education, types and methods of practice in drawing up procedural documents (petition, decision, judgement, etc.), and materials of information-analysis in the field of economic-legal matters of entrepreneurial activity are observed.

The scope of the Direction is aimed at preparing personnel for Economic Courts, Tax and Custom Bodies, Legal Departments of Commercial Organizations, as well as State Concerns, Holdings, Companies, Transnational Corporations, and other entities.


International Law Direction. Current Direction is directed at promotion of both knowledge and skills of students in the sphere of International transactions, International Organizations’ activity, legal basis of foreign economic activity, International-legal regulation of scientific and technique cooperation, responsibility in International Law, international-legal methods of protecting investors’ rights, and defending State interests in foreign Courts and International Arbitrations.

Main objectives of the Direction are to use methods of systematic analyses in political, legal, and economic events during International activity, making decisions in this field, using complex legal methods in defending political and economic rights of Uzbekistan in International Organizations and Courts. 

This Direction is disposed to prepare personnel for Courts, International Organizations dealing with both Public and Private International lawmaking and policymaking, Organizations engaged with foreign trade activity, Transnational Corporations, foreign Companies, Departments of foreign economic relations, investments, and trade Ministries, and State Representation Offices in foreign countries.